Friday, June 27, 2008

Waggling with the Wii

This one needs an explanation--I was trying to think of subject matter for my poem to post tonight, and my boyfriend was playing with his Nintendo Wii in the background, which involves a lot of flailing around. I always call it "waggling" when he plays, so he suggested I write a poem about him playing with his Wii (I know, great punnage abounds in THAT sentence). So I wrote this one in about three minutes, and I really think it should count as my offering for today. :)

(He wants you all to know that he loves it, and he wants it put on his tombstone). 


Tedd waggles;

Flopping his arms helplessly, 

like birds

like fish

like someone dying

Tedd waggles;

pixelated opponents tremble

pixelated opponents fall

pixelated opponents

are defeated.

Tedd waggles;

the living room is afire

with false applause

with artificial blows

with the silent whisper

of this 

Modern Age.

1 comment:

Elaine & Belinda said...

this is so wii-nderful! Ted waggling is my fav. yey ted! yey wii. the big question is are you guys online with your wii so we can play wii games with each other?