Saturday, June 21, 2008



Still with the new-to-you stuff, as my mommy's here and I'm wanting to spend all my time with her.:) So here's another one from a couple of years ago, until I have time to write again...



I love you,
Or rather I could love you
If once, through all the banter
All the silly innuendo,
The hours and hours of airy flirtation,
Where we guard ourselves like frightened animals
Afraid to come too close...

If once, you would surprise me
You would break the pattern,
One brave goose
Veering from its chevron across the sky
And finally, submitting to the draw of exploration,
Reach for my hand, inhale the scent of fingertips,
Lay kisses light as powder in my palm.

Talk is not cheap. It has its place
Among the children and the intellectuals.
They must constantly converse upon their fairy tales, to
Keep them alive.

But I am of a simpler sort.
My tongue longs to be still
My eyes long to rest a moment,
And break their habit of coy glances.

I should seize you by the throat, I should
Call down thunder,
I should wave you through the intersection, so you know to
Move forward...

But my heart is still and silent as a pond
Waiting for a stone.

1 comment:

Miss Elaineous said...

Those last two stanzas...

"I should seize you by the throat, I should
Call down thunder..."
- yeah. Yes. I *know* that. You say it so powerfully, Charissa.

I couldn't stop reading the last two lines.