Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This is seven..almost there...


Billy said...

I have always loved this picture.

I am curious as to what your class thought about these, because I think they are brilliant and I absolutely love them, but anyway, I am writing you to tell you that over on the MySpace front page they are advertising Jewel Quest 3 as a free download (I think?)

so yeah, I think it would be awesome if, as a sideline, you did Jewel Quest fan fiction in the style of those cut scenes from the cell phone game. it would rival Nicholas Sparks in its awesome-ness

ps- its not like I really wanted to punch you, silly... you got so upset over that. I was just saying that in a venting-via-humor way because I was so hurt...

that's the problem with the internet. without hearing someones inflection, its really easy to take things the wrong way

I hope you have a really great fucking birthday! with icing!!

Billy said...

um, obviously, that wasn't billy?