Thursday, July 3, 2008

Miss Aurora Borealis

Here's the beginning of a poem I'm working on, so it's definitely "to be continued"...the meter is slightly off in one of the lines so let me know if you find it jarring, and I'll work on the next segment.:)


Miss Aurora Borealis

came careening from the palace

while her best friend, Pretty Alice

followed gingerly behind

She was late to catch the night-ship

(which would sail out at a fast clip)

for the Polar Light Express Trip

Where she'd have a chance to shine.

Dressed in jackets made of fish fur

(Pretty Alice knitted for her),

and with a flask of cherry liqueur

she'd found hidden 'neath the sink,

She ran rushing toward the oarsmen,

And told them to stall the captain

She and her handmaid would hasten

(though they stopped to have a drink).


Elaine & Belinda said...

and with a flask of cherry liqueurshe'd found hidden 'neath the sink,

love this... mythic persons with sweet imperfections.

sending sunshine your way,


oddinary said...

you jacked my style

oddinary said...

I am jealous of your poetry, though

makes sense to me that a person with lips like yours would be equally operatic in poetry and pugnacity

you take to poems like toucans take to froot loops

oddinary said...

i wish you would do some more with this